We all have different reasons that motivate us to keep going in whatever we do. Doing it alone is okay, but doing it together with others could help us to go even further in our goal. So, let’s join forces to improve the health of our patients and contribute to a better society.

To do that, I have been collaborating with people from a variety of sectors of healthcare, business, innovations, universities, and civil society. Each of us brings to the table his or her own ideas and expert knowledge, and together, we try to find the best solution for some of the issues in medicine. So far, I have worked with students, professors, entrepreneurs, healthcare providers, software developers, non-profit organizations, and even my neighbors…basically with everyone who wanted to be involved and could contribute to our work. Thus, it does not matter who you are but what you have to say (and could do)!

Today, everybody is busy and having a formal meeting in the office (and drinking bad boardroom coffee) seems to be outdated. So, if you think you have something worth hearing, I would be more than happy to learn about it. Please send me your comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. We can then think about our next step. Thank you!